Windows Key Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It Windows 10 PC Guide

It’s a good idea to upgrade to a new version of Windows with files, settings, and applications kept intact. The process of activating Windows 10 is perhaps very easy. Settle for the method you find comfortable to activate Windows 10 permanently. However, each time you are being faced with Windows Password issue we recommend Passper WinSenior to use and effortlessly solve the issue.

If such external storage device is attached, Windows may try to boot from it but fail due to not having the right device attached containing the recovery files. Remove all external storage devices before starting Windows and see if it helps. It is a dreaded moment when your PC won’t boot to the desktop. Maybe your PC crashed and now can’t recover, or maybe everything was fine when you shut down but now for some reason Windows fails to start. There are lots of possible reasons for this – and it’s even possible that the problem doesn’t exist with Windows but your BIOS or even your PC hardware.

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After the upgrade, make sure that your PC is connected to the Internet so that it can connect to Microsoft servers and activate your copy. You know that Windows 11 is a free upgrade to all Windows 10 users who have PCs that meet the minimum hardware requirement set for Windows 11. Open the Settings app and select Activate now in the “Windows isn’t activated” notification. Right-click the Start menu or press the Windows key + X and select Windows Terminal in the Quick Access menu. Your PC is unactivated if the “Activation state” row displays a Not active error message. Such as how-to guides Tips&Tricks Windows Android Blogging Digital Marketing SEO Hosting Make Money Social Media Reviews technology.

  • That’s not super useful, but the F1 key can still be helpful in many other applications.
  • The platter stores data onto its circular surface in chunks of 1s and 0s.
  • This is not a good way to solve system issues.

The most possible causes of error code 0xC004C003 are Windows 10 upgrade and fresh install. It’s easy to run into 0xC004C003 error while you are trying to activate Windows. More importantly, disable Windows Defender and antivirus software in case its already installed on your Windows 10 PC. Exit Command Prompt and restart your computer. Keep in mind that the activation will not happen instantly.

WSL: “Please enable the Virtual Machine Platform Windows feature and ensure virtualization is enabled in the BIOS.”

In addition, there is another kind of recovery partition called supplier’s recovery partition, including these manufacturers Dell, HP, Lenovo and more. When you search “laptop factory reset” on the internet, you will find many searching results. Thereinto, the above example is the one question asked by many users. Yes, windows will delete your user profile, and you will need to re-login your outlook account on your windows device. Depending on your storage speed, the reset process usually takes around minutes. Once the reset is complete, the device will automatically boot as usual.

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